Bridging History: Teesside's Spanning the Globe

In a graphic ode to Teesside's rich industrial lineage, the Spanning the Globe art print is more than just an aesthetic statement. It's a narrative interwoven with threads of history, engineering marvels, and a tribute to the region's construction  prowess.

The meticulous design, brought to life by the creative minds in the Better Studio, underlines the global footprint of Teesside steel. This steel, known for its remarkable quality and resilience, has been a cornerstone in constructing bridges across the globe. Each span and arch symbolises not just a physical connection, but an enduring link between Teesside and the far reaches of the British Empire.

The artistry of the Spanning the Globe print is matched by its environmental consciousness. Printed carbon neutrally on eco-friendly, 290gsm Hahnemühle Bamboo paper, this artwork doesn’t just recount history but does so with a mindful nod to the future. The choice of paper is a reflection of a responsible ethos - it’s warm-toned, with a smooth matte finish, and is designed for maximum ageing resistance, ensuring the print remains as enduring as the legacy it celebrates.

As you glance at the meticulous illustrations of iconic bridges on the print, each lettter takes you on a historical journey. The print does more than adorn your wall; it opens a dialogue about Teesside’s instrumental role in the period of industrialisation and empire-building. It’s a reminder of a time when Teesside steel crossed seas, and helped build architectural wonders that stood as a testament to human ingenuity and the spirit of exploration.

Spanning the Globe is not just an art print; it's a celebration of Teesside's contribution to the world. A piece of history, a narrative of heritage, and a tribute to the mettle of Teesside, it’s an invitation to delve into a story etched in steel and ink.

Discover more about this captivating print at Spanning the Globe product page and let the bridges of history connect you to a bygone era of architectural grandeur.