We Built the World

We Built the World

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“A giant blue dragonfly / Across the Tees / Reminds us every night / We built the world, / Every metropolis / Came from Ironopolis”

A bold statement on a black canvas deriving from Ian Horn’s Ironopolis, this print is an ode to our name and Teesside’s history of industry and innovation.

Featuring a strong and stacked typeface, the design pays homage to the structures around the world that were made in the region. From our very own Transporter to Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Wembley Arch and Emirates Towers in Dubai, our name stands proudly in steel throughout the continents.


Designed by our studio design team and printed by our expert production partners on Fujifilm 210gsm photo paper, chosen exclusively to produce high-quality colour prints. Each poster is printed using the Silver halide technique, a traditional photo printing method involving light-sensitive paper and silver-based chemistry. This ensures our prints capture true colours and offer a sharper, vivid image.

Available in A2 and A3 poster sizes.

Prints with Purpose

Profits from every purchase go directly towards supporting the local causes and community organisations closest to our hearts. This is part of our ongoing agency commitment to build a better place to live, learn and work while celebrating Teesside’s character, creativity and spirit of innovation.